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Hunting Gear - General Outerwear - Performance Layers - Hats & Accessories
Making the Best Waterproof-Windproof Clothing since 1989.

Vortex 2.0, Hunting Gear, WaterProof, Breathable, Packable, Lightweight

Waterproof, Breathable, and completely Packable. This 2-layer hard-shell combines a 2.3 ounce, 75 denier polyester ripstop exterior with a cool Taffeta lining for the ultimate in comfort and packability. Constructed with a relaxed-fit to accommodate layering, these lightweight, waterproof/breathable products are fully seam-sealed and each garment self-packs into its own left-hand pocket. Ideal for moderate conditions where stealth and durability are not major concerns.

Advanced WaterProof Fleece, Hunting Gear, WaterProof, Breathable, Whisper Quiet, Stretchable

Waterproof, Breathable, and Whisper Quiet. This 2-layer waterproof soft-shell features a soft, quiet, and stretchable 4.2 ounce micro-fleece exterior. Lightweight garments feature a cooling Taffeta lining while heavyweight garments provide a warm and insulating 8.8 ounce Sherpa-fleece lining. Both options are fully seam-sealed and provide 2-way lateral stretch. Ideal early season (lightweight) through late season (heavyweight) when stealth, comfort, and stretchability are necessities.

Original WaterProof Fleece, Hunting Gear, Ultimate, All-Weather System, Cold Weather Gear

The Ultimate All-Weather System. This award-winning 3-layer waterproof soft-shell features a soft, quiet, and stretchable micro-fleece exterior bonded to a waterproof membrane.  Once cured, it is bonded to a micro-fleece interior making it extremely dense, durable, and long-lasting.  Lightweight garments feature a 3.2 ounce interior and 3.2 ounce exterior while midweight garments feature a 4.2 ounce interior and exterior.  Ideal for hard-core hunters who spend 20+ days per year in the field.

Conceal Carry, Handgun, Conceal, Carry, Law Enforcement

Casual, Versatile, and Original. With more than 9 million Americans legally permitted to carry a handgun, options for conceal carry outerwear is pretty limited.  Our unique built-in holster rig has been tested and used by Law Enforcement since 2010 and accommodates several popular handgun models.  A built-in shoulder harness evenly distributes the weight on your shoulder to prevent the jacket from sagging.  The casual style and built-in conceal plate suggests anything but a concealed firearm inside.

Performance Layers, Hunting Gear, Natural, Classic, Styling, Merino Wool

Natural Fibers and Classic Styling. Fine-gauge merino wool provides anti-microbial scent protection while offering warmth, wicking, and comfort in our Apex Base Layers. Our cotton LumberJak-Shirt features low profile pocket bags and hidden snaps for a clean design, making it the ideal mid-layer.

Headwear & Accessories, Hunting Gear, WaterProof Hats, WaterProof Blankets, WaterProof Accessories

Waterproof Hats, Blankets, and More. Ranging from the ultra-comfy BlisterLess Sock to the indestructible Tundra Blanket, our headwear and accessories are designed and built to perform.